First Alert Safe have mastered crafting high quality safe for over 20 years, their experience proves that all the manufactured safe were durable and were quality tested to keep your valuable possession secured. Their extensive line of safe can guarantee to withstand different kind of situation and were crafted with special features such waterproof seals, anti-theft locks and fire-proof.

All of the manufactured safes were crafted with innovative features to ensure user the security they need.
โžขย ย  ย Three-Way Protection โ€“ the basic elements to defend from includes water, fire and theft.
โžขย ย  ย Dual Lock Protection โ€“ all products comes with intensive security such as digital combination locks, key locks and the latest biometric entry.
โžขย ย  ย Concealed Hinges โ€“ safes are using solid steel hinges to prevent burglar from prying over the corners and breaking-in.
โžขย ย  ย Water Resistant Seal โ€“ documents were highly secured even the safe were fully submerged due to floods or other unexpected situation
โžขย ย  ย Biometric Locks โ€“ with fingerprint scan technology securing valuables comes handy. It can store up 6 finger codes entry for fast, easy yet tight security of safe contents.

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